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After serving as a Speech-Language Pathologist for over ten years in the public health and education sectors in Saskatchewan, Chatelle Cory founded  Speech Therapy Saskatoon in October 2014.  Chatelle’s decision to open her own speech therapy clinic was inspired by her core belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.  To that end, Speech Therapy Saskatoon exists to help children and adults be the most effective communicators they can be.


Speech Therapy Saskatoon provides therapy in a supportive environment conducive to learning.  Our approach to treatment is multi-faceted.  We use multiple modalities (e.g., writing, talking, gesturing and drawing) and employ multi-sensory techniques (e.g., utilizing texture and movement in the process) to help our clients reach their communication goals.  As treatment unfolds, we build on our client’s strengths, make it fun, learn together, build confidence and progress from there.


Chatelle is a registered member of the Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (SASLPA) and Speech-Language & Audiology Canada.  She is a graduate of McGill University and the University of Alberta, having earned a Master of Science Applied, Communication Sciences and Disorders from McGill in 2002 and a  Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from the U of A in 1999.


Chatelle has significant experience working as a Speech-Language Pathologist, having served as an SLP in various public sectors, including the Saskatoon Health Region (Rehabilitation and Geriatrics), Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools (K to 12 mandate) and conseil des école fransaskoises (pre-K to 12 mandate).


Chatelle is bilingual in English and French, and offers speech therapy in both languages.

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Your employee benefits plan or insurance provider may supply coverage for Speech Therapy services.
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